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Hotel Account Management

The administration involved in co-ordinating hotel bookings for your company can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating!

Our corporate hotel account management alleviates all the stress; freeing you up to concentrate on your own priorities whilst giving you peace of mind and total control over your hotel spend – allowing you to analyse hotel usage, manage budgets, track compliance and reduce costs.

100% secure booking system with guest profiling

Perhaps you have multiple departments that require accommodation bookings, and all have different guidelines regarding facilities required, hotel standards, budgets, meal allowances and billing? No problem; our advanced systems allow us to fully profile your company by department and individual guest to capture all these essential details and apply them to each booking, along with relevant nominal codes or purchase orders if required.

Streamlined payments

The major difference you’ll see with our corporate hotel account management is the streamlining of your hotel payments.

If you pay hotels by company credit card, we can securely hold card details (whether one card for all payments or individual cards for guests) so that these can be used for each booking, and copies of hotel VAT receipts will be sent weekly.

Tailored reporting

With our advanced booking system we can produce tailored monthly booking reports. Parameters such as location, hotels, individual or departmental spend, purchase orders etc. can be specified to help you analyse the elements most important to you; giving you total control.

Free service

There is no facility fee for our using our bill-back service and where we work on a commission basis with properties, our booking service is also free of charge. However, where some inns, lodges and independent hotels don’t work on this basis we apply a percentage fee which is invoiced weekly and is added to your bill-back invoice.

There’s no additional charge for our account management service. At no cost to your company, you’ll benefit from our efficient hotel booking service, account management, streamlined payments and happy guests!

Bill-back facility

Reconciling hotel payments on card statements can be particularly complex (especially when you are making volume bookings), so you may wish to consider our bill-back service. Whether you book a simple B&B rate or your guests also have meal allowances, we’ll pay hotels on your behalf and consolidate all bills into one invoice for the week’s stays. Your invoice will be supported by copies of all hotel VAT receipts for your input tax reclaim.

You’ll quickly see the benefits of the bill-back system as you won’t need to make payments, chase hotel VAT invoices, process subsistence expenses or reconcile your card statement.

Our bill-back service is offered free of charge, subject to application and acceptance – please contact us for further details.

Case Studies

Our expert team works with many different requests from clients – here are a few examples of how we’ve helped to arrange their corporate accommodation.

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